How Mental Health Slaughtered 300+ Men in World War 1

306 human beings.

306 men with children. 306 men with parents. 306 men with wives & lovers.

306 men who had severe mental health issues that were dismissed & mistaken for cowardice.

306 men who were shot in the back of the head while blindfolded, by their Own Country.

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What I Deal With: My Inner Conflicts

Well, here is one of the ultimate questions.

People like to just exist. Know they’re here now & one day they won’t, so they just function like someone who has no meaning, has no purpose & life is on a timer. You only live once, right?

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How to Get Yourself Out of a Rut

We’ve all heard those cautionary tales. In changing environments, routines most often lead to mediocrity. And we all know deep down this is true. Worse still, when we are in the middle of a problem or certain crisis, we can easily revert to the same old thinking patterns & processes with the hopes that we’ll think it through better the next time when we're under less pressure. But that NEVER happens. 

So how do we get out of it?

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Why You Need to Learn How to Practice Self - Love

Self Respect, Self - Love, Self Appreciation.

You can't truly care for someone if you don't know how to look after yourself. This is a spoken about topic, mentioned in various books & 'trained' in seminars however it seems the sincerity of the message has been lost as a result of it now being some popular trend.

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A few Words about Society & Me, myself & I

Hello, I'm Callum, the Owner & Founder of One Way War! Today for this months post, I thought I'd simply give you some of my own habits & thoughts on me & society as a whole instead of a detailed post about a specific topic. Hopefully this will help you understand my mentality & who I am a little more :-)

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Choose your Team Wisely

Make your choice.

Ever since the day you're born, you make decisions on who you surround yourself with. Positive, negative, strong, weak. Wether the people you are with act all the same or are distinctly different, every connection with others allows you to take away specific or unique mannerisms that design & shape you as a person.

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Creative Power

These things all seemed to access a part of me that I never use on a day to day basis. Not just emotion, but a deep understanding of what being human feels like. Art & creativity has been a one of the most fundamental keys to humanities development since the dawn of our time, with dancing, drawing & music acting's as the 3 pillars of freedom. You don't really understand how powerful these primal acts are unless the moment is right.

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As a Species, we have come ever so far.

From sticks and stones setting the first fire ablaze, to complicated machines that can hover and fly at supersonic speeds, the development of the Human Race has been incredible to look back on and admire our innovation and exploration of not only our environment and what we can do with the materials from it, but expanding within the human biology and ecology to learn more about our own physical and mental potential. All of History has been very exciting and I am glad I have been born in a time to look back on it.

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