What about the other millions of businesses out there? What about the other clothing, inspirational, personal and other startup companies? How do I expect to even get close to how large these corporations’ market reach is or build such a superior reputation such as Nike, Supreme or Gymshark?

I start. thats it. There are two ideal times to start planting a seed; one was 25 years ago, the second is now.

Yes, I do agree however that starting is one thing and the rest of the huge journey is another but I truly believe if I am honest with what I publish and don’t hide behind false facades like a huge percent of the population every single day, I will at least have a chance at showing the people of this planet that your ambitions don’t have to stay hidden inside your head because your friends, work colleagues, parents, siblings, teachers, elders or any single/collective human beings have told you that you were born to be just like them, just to go to school, go to work, get married, get in debt, work to pay off that debt, have kids, retire when you’re frail and Die.
Because I am telling you, that is not living, not even damn close.

What makes this brand special is because it’s been created and is run by someone just like you. I’m just someone who has no reputation, no history, no list of important friends or contacts, no rich parents & no magical trust funds. Instead, he just has a dream of inspiring and helping millions of people every single day while living good & showing others how to do the same. I will personally, make sure that me and the Company do not separate but become one of the same and I will keep my values in line with the moral standards of the Business which will also be vice versa; keeping it in line with me. I will not let the brand become confined into one region or defined to a certain stereotype, since I am sure I’m going to expand into different sectors in the future. Motivation on it’s own without action is stagnancy, so this will not be my only objective.

It really is simple, i just refuse to build and sustain someone else dream in a 9 to 5 till I am 68 years of age, living on a small pension from then on & being too old to live and explore the world in the way I want since the money I had put into my pension, due to inflation isn’t even enough to have a holiday. I’m sick of billions of people being confined to poor living standards and influenced not to chase something which is much larger than themselves, because of the huge negative energy being formed towards kids in schools, people by there families and society as a whole around Fear of Failure = the way people will look down on them if they decide to reject the comfort they’ve been forcefully convinced to take and instead placing their entire world on the table for a life of freedom financially, physically, mentally and emotionally by starting a business, investing in their personal talents or just taking a risk.

This Movement isn’t about me, it’s about gaining others attention to divert it towards the larger problems on Earth and within ourselves, then working together as a unit to figure out and act upon ways to solve these. So many people go through these mental and physical struggles, i’m just trying to suggest a new state of mind.

 A One Way War.

Cal, sgo.