I’m on this planet not to survive, but to thrive. To grow and expand my knowledge from not only what preceded me within the existence of humanity, but to learn and improve my knowledge on topics and subjects we have yet to excavate. Things such as cellular regeneration allowing the extension of human life for hundreds of years, interstellar travel between planets and entire solar systems, DNA manipulation allowing us to remove disabilities from birth and the possibilities of creating new elements with a plethora of giant particle accelerators.

I live for moments that not only change the way we live our day to day lives, but what changes what we originally thought was possible.

In our current state of technological development nearing the end of 2016, we are in an intresting section of human encephalon expansion. Millennial children have been born at a time where they are too late to explore the world and are too young to explore the universe, which leaves a period of time inbetween that many people believe is boring. This is very far from the truth. Scientifically it has been shown we may be approaching something called the Great Filter which basically determines wether we will become an intergalactic type 1 civilisation or simply go extinct due to a lack of resources. We are living during the years which determine the future of everything.

So many nights I have looked out my window and seen the small constellation of stars in the sky and due to light pollution, wondered what it would be like to be camping upon a mountain in northern Alaska, watching the aurora borealis and seeing the full potential of the sky unleashed due to the limited amount of inhabitants. It’s no longer an option for me deciding wether I’m going to travel the world  because I’ve already destined myself to it. Enjoying making a life for myself instead of just letting it pass by is the only right way to live. Those cyan transparent waters of the carribean to the Reflective salt flats of Utah, I would refuse to allow myself to exist without exploring this spectacular planet since after all, Earth is the only one of it’s kind.

In between here and there however, we both know there is a large amount of work before me or you can achieve this but no damn way does it mean it isn’t achievable. Starting up is the easy part and also is enjoying the success, therefore the hazy timeframe inbetween is the most important including the 18 hour days, giving up sleep, loosing connection between the ones you love and a burning, impulsive desire to attain what you envision despite against all odds.

 Lets go.

Cal, sgo.