We all have people we look up to, right? Wether it’s because of the things they can buy, the people they know or certain characteristics they have, it’s a natural human instinct to always follow someone else. 

In the past, humans have always had a need to follow the group as a collective individual, since if we didn’t work together surely humans would’ve became extinct due to our lack of physical strength alone. To become an individual, one was left behind from the pack because he/she were too weak, however we have developed at such an incredible rate in which that Law of nature now stands obsolete. Humans can now separate from the majority because of their own decision, as we have not only created an environment which doesn’t require a primal ‘Top of the food chain’ ecosystem but also we have become intellectually superior enough to lead ourselves. However, a problem starts to stem from our ability to create machinery & allow it to do our tasks for us; ending up limiting the reasons to actually use this prominent capacity for rational thought we’ve been given.

In modern day times such as these, we have allowed ourselves to turn around and go backwards in evolution & now worship particular people called ‘celebrities’, who are basically individuals or groups which receive public attention from the media due to their life, wealth, actions and monetary ‘success’. Many people have become dissatisfied with their own lives due to seeing the materialistic luxuries these people have, mentally damaging the wellbeing of children and adolescents since they are still very vulnerable to the behaviours of others and their actions as shown scientifically here. As we grow the things these people have, have became the definitions of words such as ’success’, ’happiness’, ‘fulfilment’ and ultimately as we all know it, the ‘American Dream’.
Millions of people around the world work every second striving to obtain things such as expensive cars, watches, houses and clothing since every human wants to be happy; with the definition of being happy no longer feeling satisfied and content but having lots of items.

Very few people have the ability to have a motive which differs from that of currency or materialistic items but it’s pretty clear that the people who do, have achieved large amounts of success since their motive usually causes them to care about what they are producing putting more time in to get a better quality outcome.
Learn from others’ mistakes so me and you don’t have to go through situations like this.

As always, life is a series of battles. It’s your decision if you want to make it a One Way War.

al, sgo.