Who Are we?


WHo Are We?

What Are We?

Why do we Exist?

One Way War is a Mental Health & Physical Fitness brand from the UK that offers unique, designer lifestyle apparel to help spread awareness of the importance of mental health especially in current times & also a positive, unorthodox mindset of individuality we Represent.

One Way War is here to invoke inspiration to those who want it, awareness to those who aren't and understanding to those who need it. For people questioning who they are and a need for someone to understand the wars they're living through inside their head. We hope to bring to light the hidden battles we all go through, the psychological warfare that made all of us who we are today. Wether that be people who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses or are simply going through painful emotional, mental or physical experiences I hope that this company can together with the people, create something more powerful than just motivation.

10% of all sales go towards mental health Charities, this years campaign being mind.org.uk.

Many people lack the courage to be the change they want to see on this planet, which is a mass problem because they fade and conform to the society around them. The reoccurring theme seems to me that anyone who speaks about the reality or the truth of this world gets criticised and anyone who promotes branded materialistic items, sex, drugs and money are praised by billions. I struggle to hold on to hope in a world where the politicians who run our countries haven’t grown up effected by the problems they’re trying to fix, and the illusion of freedom is the biggest lie we are all trapped within as just removing the shackles from our wrists doesn’t mean we’re still are not slaves to our shackles set on our own subconscious; being constantly bombarded by expectations set by people around us, advertisements selling us things don't need and mindless celebrities we unknowingly worship.

What I believe in is breaking apart from this slumber & applying your inner willpower to whatever you truly believe in and love, which is why I named this Company One Way War. There are times in life when you can’t get up out of your bed to go to work, to go to the gym or whatever it is because of the lack of an incentive to do so, as there is no driving force behind you propelling you in the direction you want to go. These are daily conflicts we have to fight that many other people never know about and possibly never will, making life a set of battles that collaborate into a psychological War.

Sometimes, you have to look at the bigger picture. The bigger image. The journey ahead and that final goal you have in mind which will help you surpass any current mental challenge you are going through, in which if you can crawl you can walk. if you can walk you can run. if you can run? You’ve unknowingly turned your life into a One Way War, refusing to give up.

Welcome to the house of Champions.

May you be forever welcome.