Sat waiting for my physio appointment, I’ve noticed something.

Everyone seems happy to be processed.

What do I mean by that? Well, stop and look around you. Everyone seems to be doing tasks whether complicated or simplistic all like their own future is predetermined, like the concept of choice is simply a concept. I understand everyone has something to do, but really, is it a choice? I believe it’s not.

In my oversight, it looks like we are either so advanced that our thought processes already have the short term future processed and we know what to do, or that we are so tribal that we continue doing what we need to fulfill the simple idea of self – preservation, almost like ants. They don’t stop moving and do one job after another : build the nest, gather food, serve the queen, repeat. Do they have the freedom of choice? No, because they do not have a conscious. What do we do even with a conscious? Work to gather money, in which to buy food, pay rent/mortgage, and for some; feed children. Isn’t that basically self – preservation?

Could you imagine a world where there was no such thing as currency? Everything is free? Some would say it would be perfect harmony, eliminating the need to waste half of your life working allowing you to truly experience and embrace the planet we are on, and to become one with nature. However, others would say that it would cause total chaos, plummeting the world into an every-man-for-himself mentality and allowing self destruction of Humanity as we know it, making people even more selfish than they already are; all because of the opportunity of freedom.

Not being chained to any materialistic fantasy such as fast cars, huge mansions, all the latest technology. Elimination of egotistical problems such as being prejudiced about what you wear, people respecting you on your economic status or the need for some people to be with someone for there superficial qualities such as monetary net worth. These would all be eradicated simply through the removal of Money. Wealth. Currency. What ever you would like to call it. sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

However, unfortunately it’s a more complex than that.

Lets say instead of money, we resort to the good old bartering system. You want 1 litre of milk? You give 5 fully grown carrots. You want a new computer? You give 20 sets of cutlery. I think already it’s pretty obvious you can see the problem here.

For example :
1. What are the bloody exchange rates? Yes, if you want food, exchange it for food. Small quantities, easy peasy. If you want a house, the exchange would be logical if it were big eg. three medium size cars. But what if someone’s illogical? That one person who wants a house, but doesn’t have three cars and only has pairs of socks? How many pairs of socks is the house worth? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? Things would get real complicated real quickly, since the value of the object would be what the other person would perceive it as, different for every person, town, city, country and continent on the planet. Oops.

2. Secondly, since savings are impossible and it is not practical to store anything other than currency, modern banks & reserves would perish, leaving the world in an inability to have your items you are willing to exchange stored away leaving only the ability to have current – right now interchanges.

3. Multiple quality grades. Most commodities have multiple grades (tomatoes can be rotten, ripe or green, and can be sourced from multiple origins, can be organic etc). So, signing each commodity with a particular grade is very expensive and perplexing to do, once again making things VERY complicated.

These are only 3 reasons why removing the monetary arrangement and replacing it with (on first look) an easier bartering system would affect the world as we know it dramatically, even though the vague optimistic views given were very appealing to the irrational cognitive processes of the human mind.

Overall, it seems you can’t escape the shackles of human infrastructure, no matter how hard you try. These old, trivial behavioural patterns we possess are extremely, if not impossible to get rid of since after all, weren’t Humans basic evolutionary development founded on fuckups? Didn’t every living thing of at least 1 per species have to die to allow its adaptation to it’s dangerous environment?

You tell me.

Cal, sgo.