I ask myself this question many times.

When I proceed to do anything with this Company, the inquiry of who am I really wanting to view my throughts and feelings is always the main prerogative. What kind of human being would like to view what I document and create?

The people I would like to attract are the ones who push themselves, the ones who question the fabrics of their own reality, the ones who want to start something big but are either afraid to do it or don’t know how; people who know life isn’t about sitting around and watching it pass by, but actually going out and making something of yourself. 

One Way War is here to invoke inspiration to those who want it, awareness to those who aren't and understanding to people who need it. For people questioning who they are and a need for someone to understand the wars they're living through in their head. I hope to bring to light the hidden battles we all go through, the psychological warfare that made all of us who we are today. Wether that be people who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses or are simply going through painful emotional, mental or physical experiences I hope that we create something more powerful than just motivation.

I do know that that does sound rather cynical, since why would someone invest time and money into starting up a business that revolves around other people? What’s in it for him?

What’s in it for him is that those people of that mindset are an investment. Not an investment of monetary value, but rather an intellectual one. A venture that in the long term will create a strategic foothold in todays harsh capitalist market, with Self-Interest being the only objective. Being surrounded by people who have a brain which is in correlation with your own can amplify whatever motive those minds have in common, in this case being progression. I would see no point in attracting people who would ‘rather go back on what the’ve learned’ as an audience as even though I may have gained more exposure, it would act as a poison and pollute the audience the Company resonates with and mainly who I resonate with.

I would however, not want to push away people who are in No-mans land in the middle since even if square zero is the starting point, that is where we’ll start. It’s not about pushing others down to get to the top, neither is it about moving others out of your way to get to the top; it is about understanding what it’s like at the bottom to appreciate and value the journey up to the top.

Cal, sgo.