As a Species, we have come ever so far.

From sticks and stones setting the first fire ablaze, to complicated machines that can hover and fly at supersonic speeds, the development of the Human Race has been incredible to look back on and admire our innovation and exploration of not only our environment and what we can do with the materials from it, but expanding within the human biology and ecology to learn more about our own physical and mental potential. All of History has been very exciting and I am glad I have been born in a time to look back on it.

However, yes. I know it has had setbacks. I know Billions of people have died, I know horrific things have been executed on one another and we are still in the process of completely devastating the planet we live on which is so ludicrous it’s almost incomprehensible. 

But why would you look at the negative? Setbacks are a part of evolution - you have to experience wrongs to learn how to be right, and dwelling on the worst parts of existing would simply lead to not improving the quality of our life. Every single Entrepreneur or successful person who has ever even reached a small amount of success has experienced so much negativity that simply you either go numb to it or you lose, it’s that simple; as if you open those floodgates of bad thoughts you will drown in the possibility of failure. Elon Musk. Ed Sheeran. Christian Guzman. Howard Shultz. It’s about fighting against the tide, pushing against conformity, grinding and working so hard that people realise on their own that you aren’t being naive but you’re turning your visions into a physical form.

That’s what I believe in.

Since this is my Domain, I am going to give my own statistical opinion on the up-and-coming few years and how we will experience a quicker technological shift more and more often. 

Simply put, social media is going to burn out.

What do I mean? Isn’t it the latest way of connecting? Isn’t it what all the big commercial companies have slowly shifted their focus on? What?
Look, the facts. Change is a part of every millennials life, and the reason I’m not stating the baby Boom generation because Most of them are reluctant to change their ways and are not as liable to adapt due to the key roots of face to face trust in the 1900’s. Instagram, Snapchat, Yellow, Periscope, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, they will very soon reach the peak of this section in the evolution of connecting with one another. Thousands of people have became successful from each of those platforms and now the ecosystem of each have become cluttered with the Majority, who have simply copied onto the innovators and the early adopters who worked hard and sought to get their passion, product or idea heard. The problem with this is this Majority have seemed to copy what the early birds have done in hope they will also find success, giving an ugly clutter of copycats. If you got in early on one of these and actually worked your absolute hardest to be heard, chances are you’d have a couple million people looking up to you today, equally bringing financial success as well; giving the clear answer that something new is coming in which the true explorers will jump upon.

What do I believe in?

Virtual Reality. 
It has impacted slowly, like a really tiny astroid onto water, now watch the ripples grow. The much failed and well known Google Glasses was simply letting us know what is coming, what everyone should get prepared for. One of the biggest reasons the project failed was because google stated what their product does and what it is, not starting with why we (the public) should buy it. They stated you could take 1080p photos & 720p videos, “interact with your environment” Is what they stated. Why would the market not accept them?

1. There was no market for this kind of product.

2. They didn’t need it.

3. They didn’t like it.

4. Who wants to be secretly recorded or photographed without your consent?

Those were the main problems. However, If google took a different approach e.g. “ Would you like to capture those magical moments that take too long to pull out a phone? Do you want to be able to look back and actually be able to experience those once-in-a-lifetime occasions all over again? Well, if you do, we certainly have a product for you.” Do you see the differences? If your beliefs are in line with your product and you give people an option to follow you, the chances of exposure and adoption are immensely higher.

Virtual Reality doesn’t necessarily mean our view of it at this current moment in time which people are constantly walking around with huge plastic helmets on, but an elegant transition to clear screen contact lenses which are neurologically linked to the brains electrical impulses allowing the ability to be controlled by simply cogitating. The fact is, the future will never be as we envision it no matter wether you change your job title to ‘Futurist’ or drive an electric car, I mean people in the 1980’s thought we’d be driving flying cars and floating on hoverboards (oh how wrong we were) by now. 

It’s all about consistent progress, with a keen eye to the horizon on the lookout for something life-changing. I understand sometimes we all feel disheartened because it’s the same constant feeling of failing at something, the same emotion that makes us just want to stop trying and escape from the life we live, but remember, you’re simply finding ways that don’t work. Ways that because you found them, it diverts your attention onto the right one.

Head up and keep working.

Cal, sgo.