Choose your Team Wisely.

Drawn Pack.jpeg


Make your choice.

Ever since the day you're born, you make decisions on who you surround yourself with. Positive, negative, strong, weak. Wether the people you are with act all the same or are distinctly different, every connection with others allows you to take away specific or unique mannerisms that design & shape you as a person.

It's been proven throughout history & I've seen cases of this from my history, you are the amalgamation of the 5 people you spend the most time with. This can lead you most often into the wrong place at the wrong time having to deal with peer pressure (which if you're easily influenced can be a problem), resulting in the start of drug abuse, physical & mental abuse to others & generally bad habits. Unfortunately I have had to distance myself from the people I had as my team as I'm sure a lot of others had to do when they were adolescents, since it is the stage of development where people are very vulnerable to stimuli they haven't experienced & can be easily influenced & changed.

Your pack can be a very powerful tool if you select the right people to hang around. It's all about how you utilize your ability to socialise with the right people. The highs of a project are more motivating when working as a team. Celebrating an achievement with teammates is a great way to boost morale & If you work alone, who are you going to high-five when you get something working?

Imagine it like a pack of wolves. You heard of the term 'Lone Wolf' yes? Each strong on their own, however are over 100 times more powerful together. The ability to hunt as a pack but in this case it's not for food, but to help each other in the pursuit of their own individual ambitions & what they want in life seems to me, the true definition of friendship in it's purest form, because if they aren't helping you up? They're most likely holding you down.

Grow as a team. I think that's the most beautiful thing that can really emphasise the true potential you have as a human being on this earth. Yes, being alone is fantastic & severely needed at times because understanding & learning about yourself is the catalyst for you to reach your full form. Understand this, then maybe you can progress just that little bit further in your own personal development.


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