A few Words about Society & Me, myself & I


   Society & Me, Myself & I                

Hello, I'm Callum, the Owner & Founder of One Way War! Today for this months post, I thought I'd simply give you some of my own habits & thoughts on me & society as a whole instead of a detailed post about a specific topic. Hopefully this will help you understand my mentality & who I am a little more :-)

I’ve always been the guy who does the little things, you know? Like picking up litter whenever i’m walking somewhere, ask how the cashiers day has been when they look stressed, clearing the cinema of empty drink cups once everybody’s left, holding the door open for anybody coming towards a door if I’m leaving somewhere not just stereotyped towards old couples or young kids.

It’s about Universal love & care, no matter what age, gender or any demographic for that matter. I don’t just preach, I now act. When you consider the additional fact I respect myself & honour meditation / inner peace but equally know I know nothing & aren’t above anyone else, well; that is what I think helps me stand out.

Learning officially how to be a human being that doesn’t have pre conceived notions or judgemental thoughts about someone wearing something specific, a person with a enlarged / unusual body part (eg. A large nose, no breasts, receding hairline) or their current financial status but to be open to them being a bipedal - 4 limbed, extraordinarily intellectual mammal that has only allowed themselves to confine & cap their own potential by their current circumstances of living & forced judgement by other Humans, related by blood or otherwise. 

And theres nothing wrong with doing the opposite okay? Like it’s 100 x better if you do try & be open but don’t feel guilty if you aren’t this way as everybody develops at their own pace in which some at 10, some 90. Some souls are more present than others & thats that; don’t lie to yourself by saying or believing you do what I do as I know many of you don’t. I don’t know how or why I’m this way other than my upbringing & genetic makeup so it’s 99.9% most likley the same for you.

Since this is going to be the last post of 2017, I would like to take the time to say I hope everyone has had a great year & is looking forward to 2018!

 May you manifest what you Believe.

Cal, sgo.