Angel with Devil Horns

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Should we be positive or negative?

Positivity when asked about, is something that the world needs as it is linked to kindness, sharing and delight. On the contrary when asked what negativity represents people combine it to sadness, death & depression.

But lets be honest here, is it really?

Sadness can be good, as it allows us to understand that there is something that we need to change in our lives & can be linked to motivation. If someone is happy all the time, what do they usually think? The predicted answer is they have nothing wrong with their lives and everything is okay. Sadness is needed and should be accepted in our society, however it is denied it’s rightful place and eliminated due to these connotations attached by society. Sadness is needed to show us danger, fear and problems; allowing us to improve and better ourselves as a species. If sadness was mishap, wouldn't it've already been excluded through evolution and natural processes throughout history?

I'm Just asking Questions. 

As represented in our 3rd design called 'Humble Beginnings', there are 2 sides to every story. Every person. Every situation. No matter which one is right or wrong, people have their own perceptions & perspectives & i think to a point, thats the beauty of life in the way that nobody perceives things from just one universal position, otherwise wouldn't life be so mundane? Not even mentioning scientifically the lack of technological development that we would of resulted in if there weren't opposing views & different methods on creating & engineering things.

Every good person has a bad side & every bad person has a good side as I have had to understand & learn over the last couple of years in my life. Music is a wonderful metaphorical & audible depiction of this since Artists have always used music to express & exhale their emotions into a song or composition with every one of them having songs constructed around happiness & songs constructed around sadness. Not to mention the uttermost demand from society towards these musicians to create relatable songs for them, which in itself means the variety of emotions the artist has to feel just to please this demand can send them into a state of a perpetual emotional - war with themselves (which is why many, many musicians have committed suicide).

At the end of the day, I feel it's essential to have a worldwide balance of all types of emotions & experiences in your life, as it helps you as an individual to learn what is fundamentally wrong/negative & what is right/positive allowing you to improve your own morals & how you view overall, the universe of discourse.


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