It’s very hard to believe anyone nowadays, since someone with a phone and an internet connection can produce and create content viewable to millions.

Experience comes from involvement. The Involvement in negative, damaging situations and vice versa with positive situations, which the result may change your perceptions of what you once thought was true. What may work for some people will do the opposite to others, for example: A clever man called Earl Nightingale who is a successful spoken word artist from the 1970’s, had an impenetrable belief that the entire outcome of ones life is a result from the thoughts and ideas that they create in their mind. If someone has a very poor financial situation and is struggling to get by, he believes it’s because of their constant beliefs and thoughts of negative outcomes; the same as why a financially stable, happy man with a lovely life is there because of his consistent thoughts and beliefs in positive outcomes. However if this was true, what about the man who had positive thoughts but was married to a negatively - oriented wife with children, in a pessimistic environment? He has commitments to keep to. Even though the man works hard, stays honest and wants more out of his life he can’t simply drop his entire family to create the life he wants, leaving his home and his previous life behind. Yes the mind can do incredible things on it’s own I will never doubt that, but sometimes their are bars to peoples cages and limits to what they can do given their particular situation.

Contradictions surround each and every one of us everyday, with grey being the norm and never just black and white. It makes obvious sense when you actually break away the barriers of everyday life why this generation of Children are being so mentally damaged, being bombarded by psychological warfare in the form of advertising & lies and utter counterfeit being fed to us through every form of social media you can think of because our phones are going off every 30 seconds; coming from a millennial myself.
Also, we get told information from parents, teachers, friends and family while growing up.

- Teachers from modern schools get their information from an organisation who academically modify the content of history into textbooks, which are bias to the past of materialistically developed countries such as the United States of America and England twisting what actually happened.
- Parents get their information from the teachers who taught them growing up for (on average) 21 years of their life, and as a result also their parents who got their information from theirs and the people they had met throughout their life.
- Friends get their information from the lies children tell each other and the entirety of the internet and things they see on youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.
- Family get their information from one another, and also all of the mentioned above.

Can you see where we are at fault?

The same, repeated data is force fed through Millions of children around the world, which all develop themselves into parents, family members, friends and teachers. Yes, in other materialistically developing countries this does not happen as the Governmental organisations do not have the control over the population which is obviously present in MEDCS, but they instead have bigger problems to find solutions to like trying to survive every day from murder, rape, assault and robbery of the very minuscule they have. The famous saying is ‘Knowledge is Power’ has much relevance here, as if you keep a society one - track minded with not even the ability to consider another option, the ability to expand outside the regions of conventional cognition becomes an incredibly powerful dynamic. 

In such a deceptive time in human history, all we need is someone to lead the way. Not one single person, but multiple, inspirational intelligent individuals to rise their heads in many different industries and echo the need for a revolution. If you look around today, the rising popularity of Gary Vaynerchuk, Elon Musk and other rising Musicians + Entrepreneurs who are bringing to light in their own sectors the truth of many problems on the planet is the start of a positive transition to a better world for everyone, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need more people spreading optimism, as there is always room to improve no matter what the extremity of the situation.

Cal, sgo.