As we grow, we go through situations and events that can shape the way we live our lives, the way we think and how we act. Some may be positive happenings making us more aware to the opportunities that we may have missed previously, being a positive influence and a real game - changer.

Some of these on the other hand, can remove any regard for your own life. Let me explain. 

To start off, the most common misunderstood form of mental illness is Depression. This has no singular cause; often in most cases it results from a combination of things. You may possibly have no idea why depression has struck you. Whatever its cause, depression is not just a state of mind. It is related to physical changes in the brain, and connected to an imbalance of a type of chemical that carries signals in your brain and nerves. These chemicals are called neurotransmitters. Many Scientists who have studied the brain have linked depression to certain genetics, family history, trauma and stress, pessimistic personalities, physical conditions and also other mental, psychological disorders; being one of the most hardest and deadly things to diagnose and cure among any human being. The state of depression is near impossible to suppress & prevent naturally, with drugs being the only known temporary medication. Drugs such as alcohol, cannabis, heroine, cocaine and the most controversial - anti depressants - become the only way to trance yourself out of the state in which in most cases the brain that is effected by depression becomes psychologically ‘addicted’ to them; constantly searching for that relief and escape from reality. 

As you can now probably form a picture, this is the brain in simple terms, at war with itself. It is a hideous, vile experience for anyone going through it, bringing with that a variety of other actions as a result such as self - harm, substance abuse (as mentioned above) and regular, daily contemplation of death or suicide. One of the biggest problems that appear from my own point of view is the stigma that depression carries since as I said earlier, this is not just a state of mind - which is what a lot of people get wrong. Many people who feel sad mix up what they’re going through with depression, but are unaware the feeling they are experiencing is upset or gloominess as depression isn’t an emotion that simply goes fleeting by, it’s more like a mood. Even if something good happens to you, it doesn’tcause any long-term change with how you are. The result of many people assuming they have such a severe condition because of their improper diagnosis makes it dramatically worse for those who actually do, since it becomes the scenario of the ‘Boy who cried Wolf’. Every person who speaks to someone who actually has it, may be dismissed and disregarded due to the 100’s of people before them who have made the same claim even though they are simply sad.

 It is sickening how little attention and awareness Mental Health Issues actually get, since the percentage of people who actually have these problems cover nearly a quarter of the population of people living on this planet. 

That’s nearly 2 Billion people who are going through hell right at this current moment and the majority of people have little of the smallest clue. 

Thats 1 in every 4 people  you meet who are going through some kind of non - visible illness. 

Do you see what I’m trying to say? This is incomprehensible. One of the things that make it worse is that there is no demographic in which these only effect as any gender can have it, at any age, no matter what ethnicity. You simply cannot hide, which is the exactly why to me this company was founded as I have always wanted to support the people who can’t uphold themselves, those unknown warriors who fight those unknown battles and never let anyone actually see how physically and mentally exhausted they are. My goal is to create informative and useful information on a variety of topics such as these while making trendy apparel that appeals to the new generation, creating a network of people who are spreading awareness simply by going about their daily lives as issues such as these need to be more widely addressed among every society.

It doesn’t have to be just people with mental illness as any other person who is simply trying their hardest to push through a stressful situation or traumatic experience, I would personally like to make them aware also that they are not alone with what’s going through their brain; others are pushing through these wars too. You see, One Way War as I have said in a previous post is not just a company, but a mindset and a way of life. All i’m trying to do is give some hope to the others who feel they are always over looked, under paid & under appreciated wether that be at work, in education, at home or just life in general; as they know deep down they are worth more than their current circumstance.  

This has been a mix of serious topic and a bit of a rant but overall if you are still reading, i’d like you to take away that no one defines your worth. You decide who comes first in your life and who comes last and believe it or not, your standards of living will correlate to where you come in that list. Never dismiss the power of self confidence and self esteem. 

Cal, sgo.