There have always been preconceived notions of what we're supposed to do or who we're supposed to be; it always stuns me how nobody questions anything? How as a result of this, whenever we hear information from any source (no matter how credible) we don't even have the ability to question it, as we have lost the capability of thinking for ourselves?

Everyone told you to pass your tests, so you did.
Everyone told you to stop being immature, so you did.
Everyone told you to only focus on yourself, so you did.
Everyone told you to grow up, so you did.

Now you are 40 years old working for a multinational corporation, in which you are making the same calls everyday to old people about cheap life insurance and basically squandering money from those who need it the most. You left University at the age of 24, finding out that the degree you spent 5 years attaining doesn't help you get a job and you had to take anything you could get, eventually finding your way into a Call centre. You arrive at 9 and leave at 5 Monday to Friday, in which you also have to stay overtime because your boss doesn’t like you. You are barely getting by with your small salary of £/$400 a month, and have driven the same silver ford escort for 16 years which was given as a company car since you couldn't afford one on your own. You get drunk on weekends to numb the pain of your job, having flings with different women as you don't have the social skills to maintain a relationship. Your apartment is the size of your childhood bedroom and is never tidy as you can never be bothered.

Is this the life you want? If yes, i'm happy as long as you're happy. If no? I'd get off your ass and work on yourself. Work so fucking much that you would literally tear someones throat out to have a days rest. Work to improve yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, learning to control your thoughts, your mood, your mindset and energy.  YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. Everything you know, love, hate and care about will just end. You will never be able to live again. If you can at least do one thing for yourself today, just please realise how valuable your life is next time you look in the mirror. 

Please appreciate that person staring back at you.

Being selfish isn't the route anyone should take, however when you get pushed and shoved into a box because people simply do not have the ability to comprehend that someone can have more than 1 hobby, more than 1 motive or more than 1 goal for their life; the small collective of people who want something more out of their existence have to turn inward to themselves and away from their family and friends becoming selfish; as societal upbringing has stopped us from asking questions. Isn't it funny that as a child we don't stop asking questions as we are intrigued and excited to explore this new place and know what everything is, but as we enter our current academic educational system at the age of 4-5 years upwards we get told to Shut up - only speak when asked and don't question too much as "we don't have time".

Humanities technological development was founded upon the ability of us questioning our limits physically and mentally every single day, so to see that main attribute a scarce, rare thing in modern day humans just saddens me to say the least. Having to focus only on ourselves because if you help others you get accused of only doing it for 'attention' or 'praise'. This is not what we were meant to evolve to. Just please, at least question things before you do them since as the famous saying goes - think before you speak; As after you say it, you can't take it back.


Cal, sgo.