Habits of the Masses


Just because I do it, you do it too? Just because I was first, you follow in pursuit? Just because I said you're weak if you don't, you give in like a cowering kitten?

It's always a pity when because of poor parenting or lack of a parent a child grows up without knowing how to interact & deal with others, specifically the social construct of peer pressure in which I do believe exists in all hierarchy of societal class. Beginning at a young age this starts as soon as the child reaches pre-school, initiating its first interaction with other beings the same age. Peer pressure can be positive & supportive if they can help each other develop new skills, or stimulate interest in books, music or extracurricular activities. However, peer pressure can mainly have a negative influence. This can encourage each other to skip classes, steal, cheat, use drugs or become involved in other risky behaviours, in fact the majority of teens with substance abuse problems began using drugs as a result of peer pressure. Kids often give in to peer pressure because they want to fit in as they want to be liked & they worry that they may be left out or made fun of if they don't go along with the group.

Having myself been a teenager I fully understand the will required to deny what everyone else is doing & follow your own intuition, but then again this is what this Company is all about; standing up to every piece of conventional wisdom we know in search of the truth. When you give someone a mask & the promise of anonymity, that's when you find out who they truly are. Humans are very social creatures & have survived through thousands of years from doing so as a tribe of individuals banded together moving & working almost like a singular entity. This behaviour originates from primal instincts instilled in us since our evolution into anatomically modern Homo sapiens from homo erectus, being this rather odd idiosyncrasy with wanting to give up our identity + need to think & designate it to some kind of Alpha.

In modern times we have 100's of more distractions than even a few decades ago before the uprising of mobile super computers (Smartphones), so I fully give leniency to these Generations of X, Y & mine, generation Z, when we go off the rails & do very stupid, irrational things. Maybe in a few thousand years when we develop again into beings in which not just some, but all of us have higher thought capabilities such a self-reflection & empathy we'll look back in utter shame at the foolishness that plagued the 21st century. Until then, remember to always try to catch yourself out the next time you find your doing, believing or saying something just because the masses are reciting it too.


Cal, sgo.