Creative Power

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A year ago, I watched a woman dance with a chair & I cried.

Around 2 months ago I sat, watched a sunset & I cried.

On Monday, I listened to a song & I cried.

These things all seemed to access a part of me that I never use on a day to day basis. Not just emotion, but a deep understanding of what being human feels like. Art & creativity has been one of the most fundamental keys to humanities development since the dawn of our time, with dancing, drawing & music acting as the 3 pillars of freedom. You don't really understand how powerful these primal acts are unless the moment is right.

Once again as I have said in a previous post I do believe that the need for society to accept male emotion is needed greatly today, however without leaning too much into this such as a gender & sexual orientation point of view. Me, openly admitting as a 17 year old male that I frequently open up to art in such a way would & has been awkwardly excepted from acquaintances, friends & even family to a point as 90% of these people I interact with very rarely see such expressive freedom in their mundane daily lives; as only in times of distress or the polar opposite of delight & joy (eg. as a family member dying to the feeling of falling madly in love) evoke such a emotional influx.

The wise among us already know artistic qualities have been supressed numerous times throughout history with some being done intentionally & others not so much; todays academic educational system as one example & the cubicle business workspace model as another. Individuality has been attempted to be squeezed out of children & also todays adults through logic & reasoning dominating the need for belief or faith. How Maths, history & geography have replaced Dance, Art & Music classes as the others are more 'essential'. There are limits to everything & as there is some truth to this, what happens when you remove the essence of humanity from a human? What does that make him/her? An entity or simply a robot? 

I don't know why but there is just something special about being able to vent in a constructed society full of people who love to label others & put them in boxes. Not necessarily acting rebelious just because you want to misbehave but breaking the rules with purpose through refusing to live a unenjoyable life & not making an impact on others. Simply put.

One thing I can tell you is I am motivated by the fact that someday I will share my story & motivate someone else. Creativity, I believe, is one of the only things you should be worried about loosing.

Cal, sgo.