Echoing Punishment


So many people I know are enslaved to their past & the things they did a week ago, month ago or even a year ago. Letting these mental burdens lay weight inside your brain can damage your self - esteem, your confidence, your trust relationship & much more. 

Let me explain.

The things that you hold on to can be absolute venom to your development as a human being no matter which end of the scale. From one extremity of severe traumatic events causing PTSD to as simple as forgetting to iron that shirt that you love to wear, it just isn't healthy to persecute yourself because of events that the outcome was that of something no one could've predicted or at least no one could've prevented. I have seen personally people who've ruined 30+ years of their lives due to holding so much resentment about what has happened in which they could of been focused on what could happen & design the future they had always envisioned. 

What do I mean by 'ruined'? 

Well, for instance one of these people was running a rather successful business which grown exponentially over the case of 2 years with everything going fine until the Early 1980s recession. When this happened due to deflationary government policies including spending cuts, pursuance of monetarism to reduce inflation & the switch from a manufacturing economy to a services economy it effected the United Kingdom drastically. This fellow man had to sit back & watch as this uncontrollable tragedy overtook his steady supply of work as it plummeted, causing said business to collapse and this man having to go back to employment for someone else (which I am empathetic towards since it must me an incredibly negative experience).

After this, I personally imagine that someone would try & pull together their remaining resources & re - hatch a new plan on how to gain back what they've lost (of course after a bit of mourning & venting frustration). But what did this person do? They proceeded to panic so bad they forgot to pay their rent & the flat fell through, travel over 150 miles back to their childhood home & move back in with their parents. 

And they remained there for over 30 years.


All those years of his life just passed by because of his inability to accept what happened and move on towards the endless possibilities of the future. You could say it was a combination of him not being able to embrace failure, which I would agree on as in order for him to move on he had to acknowledge the damage that has been done & detach himself from what 'did' happen in the past.

This is just a small psychoanalysis of what could happen if you allow your past to leave this Echoing Punishment upon your future actions & the life you will eventually live. I know there are some circumstances in which you cannot necessarily do a lot about in the case of severe mental illnesses & PTSD, but I do hope you at least learned a thing or two about the consequences of your actions.


Cal, Sgo.